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Market Research Outsourcing

If you have data, then we have the team for you. From formatting the data in your standard layout, to running tabs and banners, to ensuring data tables supplied by other vendors are correct, Cross-Tab is here to help. Our analysts have expertise across industry-standard packages and tools, such as Quantum, SPSS, SPSS Dimensions and Wincross.

Cross-Tab has more than a decade of experience in managing market research data and survey analytics,
specifically within:

Data Validation and Preparation - Our teams of analysts have extensive experience in data preparation and getting it ready for meaningful analysis. They complete a thorough checking and cleaning to ensure that clean data is used for further analysis.

Data Merging and Conversion - Our teams can manage merging/conversion across various data file formats including ASCII, SPSS, tabs in Excel/Word, Winyaps, RTF, Quanvert database, CSV datafile, XML file, HTML file, MTD, MDD, etc.

Weighting - We apply agreed upon weight to the data and use our expertise across different methodologies for the application, including target weighting, factor weighting, RIM weighting etc.

Coding of Open-ended Responses - We have broad experience in coding open-ended responses in Excel, Ascribe™ and Cross-Tab's proprietary coding tool, Coding Optimiser. Our team performs coding, netting and develops strategic maps from open end responses, and their experience spans across various verticals such as consumer packaged goods, financial services, technology and healthcare.

Data Tabulation - Our data processing and tabulation services use the best-of-breed software packages to process, clean, manage and tabulate data. We have familiarity in processing data collected from various methodologies - web surveys, telephonic and face-to-face interviews.

Translation - We provide translation services for all Asian and European languages under the supervision of localization specialists.