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Gamification has been broadly defined as the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts in order to engage users and solve problems. At the forefront of transformational trends, Cross-Tab is using gamification to design more engaging market research surveys.

Interactivity has been proven to lessen boredom and people generally derive fulfillment from competing among peers. Thus if a respondent enjoys the survey experience, they are more likely to give better feedback and completion rates rise. You are able to increase your survey value and achieve more insightful responses.

Cross-Tab's dedicated team of research analysts are constantly thinking of fun, creative ways to engage responders by leveraging the interactive and visual potential of the online environment. Our goal is to design games that produce enjoyment, motivation through rewards, an emotional connection with respondents and an overall positive brand association. The team ensures that the desired measurement scales are applied in a creative mechanized form, and sources the latest game components from an ever-increasing library.

Don't let time, money or lack of creativity prevent you from getting the best results possible from your surveys.

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"Getting Serious About Play":
Observations from an experiment in gamified research.