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Market Research Operations & Data Collection for the Healthcare Industry

Our operations model allows us to offer competitive pricing that fits your budget. You can pick from our individualized services; whether you require expert programming support, enhanced data processing or full service data-collection and project management, you decide based on your needs.

Full-Service Fieldwork

Our specialized team can help with an entire range of your fielding needs, including: survey programming; hosting and overlays; translations; pre-tests; recruitment and field management; data quality controls and checking; status reporting; data processing; charting; and analytics.

Online Programming and Data Collection

Online datacollection with healthcare professionals and consumers audiences is unique. It requires a specific expertise in order to maximize the survey encounter. These respondents are recruited at a premium, so proper coordination with panel partners and authenticity of respondentcredentials are paramount.Cross-Tab employs critical technologies to guard against fraud, duplication and poor quality responders. We also work closely with proven healthcare partners to efficiently and economically find the best solutions to your research needs.

Cross-Tab can also handle your complex programming needs and complicated logic and skip patterns. We have in-house expertise with SawTooth, conjoint and discrete choice methods.

Telephone Supplement and Phone to Web Capabilities

We know that multi-mode sampling is important in the healthcare industry, so we are there to help you achieve your research goals. Cross-Tab uses our CATI and phone capabilities and experience to augment and supplement the research sample. We can also use the phone to either help you beta test your survey and get immediate feedback about what isworking (or is not), or probe into the rich texture/details to give meaning to the numbers.

We will find the cure for whatever project challenges you have.


Cross-Tab can help recruit hard to reach healthcare respondents for your qualitative needs. We can also recruit for "top-up" requirements.


Our telephone resources for healthcare are of the utmost quality. We provide reliable and affordable CATI services. Our options include full service programming and data-collection options.


Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Data Visualization

Cross-Tab is very proficient at converting market research data into highly effective and insightful reports and presentations. In addition to text, PDF, and PowerPoint, our Reports and Presentation team can provide a wide range of standard market research output formats.

Our team also works as an independent global Center of Excellence helping standardize work across the client organizations, disseminate knowledge among client teams, and act as a support group entrusted with introducing new trends and tools in survey reporting. We have developed custom reporting software for select clients that churn large volume of outputs using advanced Excel, PowerPoint, and Visual Basic skills.

A decade of experience in working with survey data means our team is able to cultivate knowledge and serve as a consultative partner to you. We help many clients create, or refine, their charting standards and libraries to improve quality and significantly reduce turnaround time. We not only make interesting and effective presentations, but can also assist you with writing slide commentary based on the research findings.

Cross-Tab’s data visualization team brings together expertise of visual design, knowledge of market research and data sciences and ability to understand business requirements of the users. The team is involved in delivering high impact presentations combining static and dynamic creative elements, use of audio and video clips, creating infographics, etc.

Survey Analytics

Cross-Tab has a team of statisticians available to review your data to detect trends or patterns and generate insights to help you shape your business strategy. Our services involve sophisticated analytics procedures and a wide variety of statistical methods and models that are applied regularly to scrub survey data and extract deeper insights. The team has a highly collaborative and consultative approach to analytics and often works very closely with client side researchers. Some of the more commonly used multivariate analysis techniques include:

  • Multiple and Logistic Regression
  • Factor Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis and Market Segmentation
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Discriminant Function Analysis
  • Multidimensional Scaling

Our project experience ranges from segmentation studies, concept testing, advertising-related studies, pricing studies, continuous tracks to customer satisfaction studies.