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Global Data Collection


Cross-Tab is one of the largest purchasers of online sample. In 2012, we delivered in excess of 1.7 million quantitative interviews to our clients globally, touching respondents in 60 different markets and 25+ languages. Given the scale of our work, we have cultivated a deep expertise in managing online research and have developed strong partnerships with online panel firms around the world.

We believe that the representativeness and quality of sample is one of the most critical factors in the success of a research project. So we provide our clients with panel sources that have been given careful scrutiny, including testing a panel's industry standing and its ability to deliver consistent quality. Some of the basis criteria for partner selection we use include:

  • Reputed global panel providers
  • Members of ESOMAR and CASRO
  • Long history in the panel business
  • Panel distribution representative of the population
  • Robust demographic profiles-collection of major relevant data points of panel members
  • High quality panel recruitment
  • Proactive panel management
  • Quality systems in place to insure data integrity
  • Extensive online and offline data checks are carried out to ensure high quality data for our clients

We then go one step further in ensuring the quality of our data respondents by subscribing to Relevant ID. With Relevant ID, we can ensure that duplicate ID's are excluded from the sample, and only people in the specific geographic locations you indicated are able to complete the study.

Cross-Tab, through its subsidiary Borderless Access, also manages online consumer and business panels in emerging economies. It also offers specialized and niche audience panels across IT, travel, mobile, healthcare and finance. These panels have both Consumer and Business-To-Business respondents who are empanelled through a triple opt-in process. Borderless Access is the only online panel company within the emerging markets to be listed as preferred vendor for several Honomichl research companies. It is also the chosen sample provider for top CPG & technology companies.