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Optimizer Suite

Our Optimizer Suite is the world’s most advanced research platform helping clients turn around research faster, better with real time access and control.

The Optimizer Suite is a new age of Operating System for market research. Different components of the suite work together to create an eco-system that helps achieve a great deal of workflow automation.

This Optimizer Suite works at 2 levels - first, it serves as a platform to innovate and improve the basic market research processes, such as survey scripting, project management, data management, charting, etc.This is achieved by developing and embedding custom technology with enterprise level industry tools. Second, it offers cutting edge, live reporting and data warehousing solutions to facilitate quick information dissemination and extending life of research data.

Optimizer Components

  • SP Optimizer - Automates the essential aspects of survey programming by directly capturing the questionnaire document. This is achieved through a proprietary pattern matching algorithm designed by Cross-Tab that identifies and tags questions, answers and question types. This tool allows the survey programmers to create the first cut of the survey within few minutes of receiving the questionnaire. The SP Optimizer works across survey platforms.
  • DP Optimizer - One of a kind quality check automaton that delivers nearly 80% efficiency in detecting errors in tabulated data.  Living in a world where data quality is of paramount importance, this tool delivers accurate data and time savings.
  • Reporting Optimizer - A next-gen real-time reporting solution built on cutting edge technology platforms, it seamlessly integrates with various survey platforms, like Confirmit, Dimensions, and Askia to provide rich and intuitive real-time reports on live surveys. Users can use it to track the project progress, field progress, view real-time reports, perform quick analyses and export data and reports to Excel or PowerPoint. Unique interactive features place you right in the middle of the action on the floor where they can monitor offline work progress and interact with their dedicated project manager.
  • Data Optimizer - This product transforms the way you interact with your survey research data. Built around a simple data warehouse component that the users can use to store their historical survey data, the front end is highly interactive and increases the life of survey data manifold. Data is always stored in a ‘ready-to-report’ format and it is easy to search and retrieve old survey data, run questionnaires through complex filters and generate an analysis using this wizard.
  • Project Optimizer - A typical full-service research study is serviced by five or six different service teams at different phases to deliver the final data set and reports. This intricate workflow is characterized by a number of iterations, dependencies, triggers, emails, etc and unfortunately, there is a good chance of something going wrong if this workflow is not guided properly.

Our Project Optimizer brings all stakeholders to a common enterprise level platform to effectively implement workflow automation and governance at every point of project execution. We achieve near perfect automation using proprietary workflow guidance system, which controls, monitors and tracks the integrated research delivery process. This solution, coupled with our foolproof processes, enables a tighter project control, transparent project execution, timely project health reports, and alerts. It also features a comprehensive project information repository that helps you retrieve any project artifact at any point in time using a simple and intuitive search interface.

Optimizer Suite Presentation

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