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Introducing ctOSTM

Experience the benefits of Cross-Tab's latest technology innovation - the Cross-Tab Optimizer Suite (ctOSTM). It transforms operations and achieves faster, more superior results with real time access and control. Working at multiple levels in the research value chain, it unlocks efficiencies and enhances the way you interact and report your survey results.

The real gains you receive from this optimization:

  • Faster turnaround at each step - automation from scripting to data management to charting; frees up to 65% of processing time
  • Better results, the first time around - reduction in internal error rates by 80%
  • High degree of adaptability to market needs - integrates with various industry tools and survey platforms
  • Access in field status and data in real time, anytime - advanced reporting tool with API plug-ins
  • Greater control and transparency - download data as it comes in
  • Make your research more actionable - create and share POV dashboards on the go
  • Increase the shelf life of research - draw data comparisons across markets, studies and time periods
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ctOSTM e-book

ctOSTM Livewire

A next-gen reporting solution, Livewire is built on multiple platforms such as HTML5, Android and iOS to provide a seamless and anytime accessible interface through various devices.

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ctOSTM Analyzer

Analyzer transforms the way you interact with your research data gathered over multiple studies over time and across geographies. With a highly flexible data storehouse at its heart, it allows you to...

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ctOSTM Promise

A typical full-service research study is serviced by eight to ten different service teams before the final audited data set and reports are shipped to the client.

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ctOSTM Survey Programming Optimizer

The Survey Programming Optimizer (SP Optimizer) automates the essential aspects of survey programming by directly capturing the questionnaire document.

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ctOSTM Data Processing Optimizer

Data Processing Optimizer (DP Optimizer) is a unique automation solution which shaves off an immense amount of time from data processing scripting, data checks...

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