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Optimizer Suite: Case Examples

ctOSTM Livewire

Challenge: Cross-Tab teams were getting inundated with 10-12 data management and topline requests a day through 7-8 week fielding period.

Our client: A leading public relations and research consulting firm based in the US.

Approach: Transferred the entire tracker including past 2 waves data to ctOS, Livewire.

  • With LIVEWIRE's intuitive and flexible interface, client was able to closely monitor all field statuses
  • Track 8 key data variables without the needing to get in touch with anyone from Cross-Tab.
  • Create custom dashboards and topline reports which by updates by itself as data comes.
  • Helped them run trend analysis and download datasets including verbatim on the go.

ctOSTM Promise

Challenge: Coordination and reporting for a multi-mode survey with online, CATI and postal mail-out components, across 6 markets.

Our client: A leading consulting firm, based in the US.

Approach: Project was managed from start to end on the ctOS, PROMISE platform.

  • It streamlined the process of information flow.
  • Online dashboards gave the project manager complete insight into managed services and activities of both online and offline fielding partners.
  • Auto event linked project notifications ensure all stakeholders (internal as well as clients) are updated and aware of delays if any.
  • Kept all communication around project logged in at one place to avoid any missteps for final delivery.

ctOSTM Survey Programming Optimizer

Challenge: Soft launch the study for 5 product categories across 21 markets in under a month. Need to create 105 individual scripts, one for each category-market.

Our client: A leading research and consulting services provider based in Europe.

Approach: Used ctOSTM, SPO to streamline the process from the beginning.

  • Skeleton script for each category-market was made ready in a matter of few hours, reducing TAT by over 2 days.
  • Reduced the QA efforts and error fixing time by half.
  • Tremendous time efficiencies in survey translation import.
  • All 5 categories were soft launched in time across markets, with the exception of 2 markets because of client related reasons.
  • Delivered 32% costs savings to client against original estimates.