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Optimizer Suite: Features

ctOSTM Analyzer

Analyzer is a comprehensive data warehousing and reporting solution especially built for market research. Cross-reference current and historic survey data, manage reporting on tracking studies, create instant charts and custom reports; best of all: Save tons of time performing these tasks with a highly visual, intuitive interface.ctOS™

  • Seamless integration of all historical data
  • A fast, scalable & secure data warehouse that integrates data from historical studies and logically organizes data through defined taxonomy and intuitive linkages
  • Increased data shelf life
  • Search and extract relevant data from volumes of complex datasets, at lightning fast pace with granular filtering options
  • Shrink analysis and reporting efforts from days to hours
  • Powerful DIY analysis & reporting capabilities allow the users to generate customized and standard reports through extensive 3600 visualizations

ctOSTM Livewire


ctOS™ Livewire is Cross-Tab’s live reporting solution that integrates  project management, field monitoring & survey data reporting of live studies onto single platform. It is a hosting platform agnostic platform designed for field managers & Researchers that simplifies project management, presents real-time field progress through powerful DIY reporting and analytical capabilities.

  • Save up to 30% effort in fielding simultaneous live projects
  • Livewire simplifies project management by unifying project information from all on-going studies on to one platform. You won’t need reporting links, charting tools, excel files etc., to monitor the studies.
  • Publish live dashboards and improve transparency with client
  • You can share live dashboards with team members and end clients with just a click. These interactive dashboards allow users to export charts in Excel, PPT and Image formats.
  • Accelerate report generation & analysis
  • Leverage DIY capabilities to create customized reports, word clouds, Cross-tabulations on live data and observe underlying data trends even before the study completes

ctOSTM Survey Programming Optimizer

The Survey Programming Optimizer (SP Optimizer) automates the essential aspects of survey programming by directly capturing the questionnaire document. This is achieved through a proprietary pattern matching and text analytics algorithm that identifies and tags questions, answers and question types. This solution allows the survey programmers to create a 60-70% complete first cut of the survey within few minutes of receiving the questionnaire, and works across various survey platforms.

  • Reduce TAT on jobs by 30-35%
  • Improve quality of deliverables due to automation of manual copy past parts of survey authoring
  • Private library which can be used while programming/designing
  • Capability to import questionnaire in multiple formats
  • Parse most of the questionnaire structure in winword.exe files
  • Includes textual formatting

ctOSTM Data Processing Optimizer

Data Processing Optimizer (DP Optimizer) is a unique automation solution which shaves off an immense amount of time from data processing scripting, data checks and other interim process stages, and is compatible across industry standard platforms such as quantum, IBM Data Collection, SPSS, etc.

  • Through scripting and data checking automation, it can deliver a TAT efficiency of 30-40% depending on the nature of job
  • With little effort it can be customized to meet specific client need and requirements
  • Adapted to manage complex summary tables along with individual tables (both percentages/counts)
  • Provides a detailed summary error report at the end to evaluate employee performance and training needs