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    With experience honed over thousands of research studies, millions of data points and servicing 100+ research departments across multiple markets, we are a leading provider of integrated data collection management.
  • About Us
    Cross-Tab is a leading marketing services and a market research outsourcing company.
    • Overview
      It offers full range of market research operations, marketing services, and data analytics solutions to clients combined with strong technology and process orientation.
      • Overview
        Cross-Tab has been recognized as an industry leader by respected bodies such as IAOP, Red Herring, Deloitte and Black Book of Outsourcing.
      • Systems and Processes
        Cross-Tab strives to provide its clients with unparalleled service and quality.
      • Information Security
        Cross-Tab understands the criticality of information in the market research and analytics industry.
    • Cross-Tab Group
      Founded in 2000 as Cross-Tab Marketing Services, has grown and diversified and now manage a group of companies referred to as the Cross-Tab Group with over 600 professionals offering a wide range of marketing services to our growing list of satisfied clients around the globe.
    • People
      Our People have experience in a variety of leadership roles in Market Research, Competitive Intelligence, Corporate Alliances, Business Management, Strategy and Finance.
      • Leadership
        Prior to joining Cross-Tab, Kumar spent over 13 years at Microsoft.
      • Global Advisory Board
        Simon is one of the principals of Cambiar LLC, a strategy consulting firm.
      • Knowledge Consultants
        At Cross-Tab we are dedicated to providing you with the best-in-breed resources and services.
    • Global Footprint
      Cross-Tab group is a fast growing organization with large global presence.
    • Corporate Responsibility
      Cross-Tab recognizes that we have a great responsibility to our employees, the environment and the local communities in which we live and do business within.
  • News & Events
    The latest on Cross-Tab, as reported by news outlets and industry sources.
    • News Archives
      Juggling Work and Family Life: An Impossible Dream?
      • 2013
        Can We Really Have It All?
      • 2012
        India calling lifestyle entrepreneurs.
      • 2011
        Sweeney To Lead Cross-Tab Operations.
    • Press Releases
      We welcome journalists' inquiries on our research or industry trends.
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      Upcoming industry events that Cross-Tab will be speaking at, sponsoring or attending alongside you.
  • Careers
    Cross-Tab is a place where talented minds come together in a creative, friendly, and dynamic work environment.
    • Join Our Team
      The learning never ceases at Cross-Tab.
    • Current Openings
      If you meet our job requirements and can see yourself at Cross-Tab, we invite you to apply by e-mailing your resume and cover letter to careers@Cross-Tab.com.
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    To reach a member of the Cross-Tab client development team regarding your specific business issue or project need.
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  • Services
    • Market Research Outsourcing
      At Cross-Tab our programming team is second to none.
      • Survey Scripting
        We are programming tool agnostic and have specialist programmers in all of the top programming languages.
      • Data Management
        If you have data, then we have the team for you.
      • Reporting and Data Visualization
        Cross-Tab is very proficient at converting market research data into highly effective and insightful reports and presentations.
      • Project Management
        Cross-Tab project management team is seeded with first-rate, qualified professionals, rich in experience and made up of diverse backgrounds – whether online panels, scripting or quantitative researchers.
      • Panel and Field Management
        Cross-Tab offers support for online panel building and ongoing panel management.
      • Secondary Research
        Cross-Tab's business analysts and library scientists are expertly trained in finding the most relevant information from the ever-increasing ocean of available public and private data.
    • Global Data Collection
      Cross-Tab's Research Operations Management (ROM) services are designed to relieve companies from the time-consuming hassles involved in managing the multi-step complexities in market research operations.
      • Research Operations Management
        We provide a one-stop solution that enhances quality and turnaround time and provides cost efficiencies.
      • Online
        Cross-Tab is one of the largest purchasers of online sample.
      • CATI
        At Cross-Tab, we understand that quality is the most important component for CATI projects.
      • Offline
        Cross-Tab has experience in managing pen and paper, or PAPI studies, around the world.
      • Mobile
        Cross-Tab is one of the early pioneers in mobile survey technology and services.
    • Analytics
      Cross-Tab has a team of statisticians available to review your data to detect trends or patterns and generate insights to help you shape your business strategy.
      • Survey Analytics
        Our services involve sophisticated analytics procedures and a wide variety of statistical methods and models that are applied regularly to scrub survey data and extract deeper insights.
      • Data Mining & Big Data
        Cross-Tab's advanced analytics services focus on utilizing disparate data, including structured data (survey data, syndicated data, and transactional data) and unstructured data (free flowing text, voice recordings, email and chat, social media) for statistical analysis.
      • Social Media Intelligence
        Cross-Tab's approach to social intelligence will ensure that you cut through the social media clutter to find the key themes that matter – the ones upon which your company can take action to either grow revenue or reduce costs.
      • Audience Measurement & Web Analytics
        Cross-Tab has been managing audience measurement and web analytics for global clients for over ten years, and are able to provide a full range of audience measurement services from basic data cuts of audience data to deep dive analysis and insights.
      • Campaign Analytics / Marketing Operations
        With ad blockers and fragmented media habits, gaining results through interruption marketing (email or ad-display) can be a challenging undertaking.
    • Optimizer Suite
      The Cross-Tab Optimizer Suite (ctOSTM) is the world's most advanced research platform helping clients turn around research faster, better with real time access and control.
      • Optimizer Suite
        ctOSTM is the new age Operating System for market research.
      • Custom Development
        Cross-Tab offers a complete solution for addressing the operational, audit, and architectural challenges associated with market research data management.
    • Healthcare
      We work with a variety of specialist healthcare market research firms, supporting them with a number of different services, including end-to-end operations.Cross-Tab offers comprehensive expertise in healthcare project management, data collection and reporting.
      • Capabilities and Access
        Healthcare and pharmaceutical research has been a focus of Cross-Tab for many years.
      • MR & Operations
        Our operations model allows us to offer competitive pricing that fits your budget.
      • Healthcare Bid
        Thank you for your interest in Cross-Tab and our market research services for the healthcare community.
  • Relationships
    • Clients
      Cross-Tab offers a unique range of solutions and deep experience across a variety of industries.