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Tracking Optimizer

Are you getting the value you need from your tracking efforts? Are you spending too much to maintain your trackers?

At Cross-Tab, we know that tracking studies can be complicated and time consuming, so let us help you manage your study using our unique Tracking Optimizer. Working in collaboration with you, our global tracking experts take on the logistics and complexities, and focus on optimizing the tracker’s quality, consistency and timelines using a comprehensive set of best practices. That leaves you are free to focus on the elements that add value and generate insights.

We also partner with you to suggest and execute new solutions that add value to your tracking program – for example, including a social media analysis to enhance or even replace a wave of data, or using our team to validate or disprove a trend.

Our Tracking Optimizer creates more efficiency, accuracy and reliability through:

  • Dedicated tracking specialists
  • High quality data, wave after wave
  • Value added expertise, products and solutions
  • Better control

By adding operational efficiency and utilizing resources appropriately, you can breathe new life into your tracking research to make it more relevant and impactful.